On World Water Day, 2016, a diverse group of stakeholders from the public and private sectors joined together to launch the WASH4Work initiative to mobilize business to improve access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the workplace, in the communities where workers live, and across supply chains.

The initiative, a response to the UN Deputy Secretary-General’s “Call to Action on Sanitation”, will enable partners to align, coordinate, and expand existing efforts in this area, while serving as a means for greater private sector engagement in efforts to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals. Collaboration via WASH4Work will help to improve health outcomes, stimulate economies, contribute to business growth, and help people realize their human rights to water and sanitation.

Building upon existing initiatives, WASH4Work partners will develop tools and resourcesto support the mobilization of: 1) businesses to act, 2) governments to create policies and regulatory frameworks which facilitate business action, and 3) the public and civil societyto support business action on WASH and ensure accountability.

WASH4Work Partners will work in the following areas:

WASH4Work partners will further WASH along the following dimensions:

  • WASH in the Workplace: Ensuring that workers have access to and can use safe drinking water, improved sanitation and adequate hygiene to meet their health, safety, and dignity needs.
  • WASH across Supply Chains: Encouraging businesses to require suppliers to implement equitable and adequate WASH solutions in the workplace and to work with suppliers to manage impacts on communities throughout the suppliers’ operations.
  • WASH in the Community: Ensuring business operations do not negatively impact WASH in the surrounding community and supporting workers’ access and use of safe drinking water, improved sanitation, and adequate hygiene at home.