WASH4Work aims to mobilize business to address WASH challenges in the workplace, in communities where companies operate, and across supply chains.

Short-Term Objective (1yr)

In the context of the coronavirus global pandemic, WASH4Work provides the space for a renewed commitment surrounding the importance of good hygiene and clean water as the first line of defence against COVID-19, other viral diseases, for business continuity and stability, with a focus on identifying and promoting relevant resources and company actions to assist in this process.

Long-Term Objective (2+yrs) 

Companies recognise that the climate crisis is making access to WASH even harder and they recognise the importance of investment in resilient water, sanitation and hygiene services and systems globally to ensure long-term prosperity of businesses and the health of people within them.

This builds upon the short-term recognized system vulnerabilities exposed by COVID-19 and takes a systems approach. It also aligns with the goals of the new Water Resilience Coalition, aimed at building long-term water resilience including on water access. Inclusion of WASH within a companies’ water management strategy is regarded as the norm and WASH is included in all voluntary reporting and disclosure requirements. WASH4Work can galvanise collective WASH action at local and global level because WASH4Work is regarded as the main resource/platform of the topic and its members as the ‘WASH power house’ for action across the areas of WASH4Work. The initiative is growing and supports delivery of the work of the CEO Mandate, WBCSD and other initiatives.