The recent UN report on Summary Progress Update 2021: SDG 6 — water and sanitation for all highlights 46% of the world’s population lacks safely managed sanitation services, 29% lack basic hand washing facilities and 26% lack safely managed drinking water services.

The need for corporate action to help achieve SDG 6 and the material benefits that supports business resilience and sustainability is evident from The business case for action on WASH.

What could business do?

The WASH Pledge for access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is an opportunity for companies to contribute concretely to the implementation of SDG 6, while at the same time ensuring that they provide international best practice on WASH.

By signing the WASH Pledge, companies commit to implementing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene at the workplace at an appropriate level of standard for all employees in all premises, under their control within three years of signature. Under the Pledge, companies also commit to taking action on WASH across their value chain, including among their suppliers, as well as in the communities that surround their workplaces and/or where their workers live.

Why sign the WASH Pledge?

The Pledge allows business to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in setting a higher standard for the health and safety of company employees, value chains and communities.
  • Generate impact by contributing to the implementation of the SDGs.
  • Reap business benefits by investing in a healthier and more productive workforce and strengthening their social license to operate.
  • Be connected to peers and partners active in this space through the WASH4Work initiative.

Who developed the Pledge?

The WASH Pledge was developed in 2013 by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and its member companies in the context of Human Rights to Water and Sanitation recognized in 2010 and the recognition of the importance of closing gaps on access to WASH by the Millennium Development Goals. It was the first ever business-led initiative on access to water, sanitation and hygiene. In 2021, WBCSD re-emphasized the importance of WASH through their Vision 2050 refresh as one of the key areas for business action to ensure 9 billion people are living well within the planetary boundaries by 2050.

The success of the WASH Pledge was recognized by more than 300 signatories signing the Pledge, covering 3 million employees in 170 countries. In 2021, WBCSD will transition the Pledge to WASH4Work to enable signatories to tap the benefits of support they could get from the WASH4Work partner network for implementation of the Pledge and since 2022 all existing WASH Pledge signatories will be directed to the WASH4Work secretariat for any ongoing support or guidance.

By signing the Pledge, a company commits to the following steps within three years of signing:

  • Implementing access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) at an appropriate level of standard for all employees in all premises under their direct control
  • Supporting partners across their value chains and communities that surround their workplaces or where their workers live.

The requirements of the Pledge are outlined in the WASH Self-Assessment Tool

A representative in a position to commit their business must:

1) Sign the WASH Pledge form

Once both steps are complete, an onboarding call must take place and the company will be recognized as a WASH Pledge signatory.

The WASH Pledge is a non-binding commitment and therefore there is no formal reporting requirement. However, companies are encouraged to communicate their achievements through both internal and external channels and to spread the word to other businesses and stakeholders to act and ensure safe and adequate WASH access. We also strongly recommend that you submit a case study and share your progress with WASH4Work.

The WASH4Work team is excited to share that, from January through March of 2024, 95 companies around the world have committed to taking action towards providing universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) across their operations, supply chains, and in the communities where they operate. As a whole, these companies’ operations span across 3,086 locations, reaching a total of 26,063 employees, and 1,217,082 contracted workers.* 

WASH4Work would like to specifically recognize Bitron, a global manufacturing company known for its commitment to sustainability and employee well-being. Bitron has diligently used the WASH Self Assessment Tool and reported back on their results. By integrating WASH standards into their corporate strategy, Bitron has demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions, significantly impacting thousands of its employees and stakeholders across various regions. 

The WASH Self Assessment Tool is designed to help companies evaluate their current WASH conditions. It aids in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This tool is particularly useful for companies that have operations or suppliers in areas where access to clean water and sanitation facilities is challenging, aiming to enhance public health and environmental outcomes through strategic planning and targeted interventions. 

Finally, WASH4Work would like to provide special thanks to Xylem. Xylem is leading the way in encouraging their suppliers to commit to taking action on WASH. Xylem has worked in partnership with WASH4Work, on providing support for and recognition for global suppliers who take the WASH Pledge.   

2024 Q1 Updates – By the Numbers

Recognizing the Q1 2024 WASH Pledge Signatories


Company Name  Website  Areas of Operation  Sector Type 
B & L Systems LLC dba Fifth Wheel Freight North America Transportation Services
Bitron de Mexico Electronics North America Manufacturing
Bitron Electronic China Co., ltd. Asia Pacific Manufacturing
Bitron Electronics Gru Prod Unit Europe Manufacturing
Bitron Poland Sp.z o.o. Electronic Europe Manufacturing
Björn N Kommunikation Europe Other
Bramwith Consulting Ltd  NA Europe Other
BroadBranch Advisors  NA North America Other
Bureau Veritas South Africa (Pty) Ltd Africa Consumer Services
Cases By Source Inc. North America Industrial Engineering
Claudia Vargas Hernández North America Services
Company Complete Cleaning Co. North America Other
Compotech Provider AB Europe Industrial Engineering
Corete4m Ltd Europe Other
DAESUNG ENG  N/A Asia Pacific Technology
Devgiri Forgings Pvt Ltd. Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering
Distinct Recruitment Europe Services
Divekar Wallstabe 7 Schneider Precision Seals Pvt Ltd Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering
Divekar Wallstabe and Schneider precision Seals Pvt ltd Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering
Elproman AB Europe Other
Epos BV Europe Other
Finalcast Europe Other
GDB3 LLC S3 CASES  WWW.S3CASES.COM North America Other
Geminet inc North America Technology
Hazel’s Expedited Freight North America Transportation Services
Infobahn i Stockholm AB Europe Other
Installasjonsservice AS Europe Infrastructure
J&B Industrial Services North America Agriculture
Jager Tamas Europe Services
LOXEA NIGERIA LTD  NIGERIA.LOXEA.COM Africa Transportation Services
Mbekweni Eco Club Africa Other
MCU Designs, Inc. D/B/A Etogen Precision North America Manufacturing, Mineral Extraction
METAL CRAFT INDUSTRIES South Asia Manufacturing
PLASTOKRAFT  N/A Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering
Provectus Recruitment Ltd Europe Technology
Q&T INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD  N/A Asia Pacific Other
R+S Group Regeltechnik und Schaltanlagenbau GmbH. Europe Technology
Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC Asia Pacific Manufacturing, Mineral Extraction
Shanghai Lehai Culture and Art Co., Ltd Asia Pacific Other
ShenYang MetalTech Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Other
Sikira Service AB Europe Services
Sture Exhibitions & Events Europe Other
TGPEL Precision Engineering Ltd  TGPEL.Com South Asia Other
The Marketing Pod Europe Other
Unicorr Packaging Group North America Other
Vaughns Transport LLC  N/A North America Transportation Services
Wild Card AB Europe Retail
yescool Asia Pacific Technology
대성 이엔지  N/A Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering
辽宁华瑞税务师事务所有限公司 Asia Pacific Financial

*Information is based on self-reported information filled out in the registration form for the WASH Pledge.   

**This table features all signatories who opted-in to being recognized on their WASH Pledge registration form.

WASH Pledge Signatories

Note: the page includes only signatories consenting to the public display of their logo